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Future Method Glass Anal Dilator Set


Prime yourself for the pleasure to come with our 3-piece system crafted for novice, modest, and power users alike. Made from smooth, luxurious, body-compatible glass, each is designed to ease open the three anal sphincters and the surrounding skin – allowing for enhanced elasticity and a more accommodating fullness. Plays well alone, or with others.

How it works:
  • Relaxes with optimal friction to dilate and strengthen the anal musculature.
  • Primes the surrounding skin to enhance elasticity.
  • Trains gradually and safely through a system of small, medium, and large dilators.
Unique features:
  • Made from body-safe, non-porous, Borosilicate glass
  • Slippery finish for a more seamless, smooth insertion
  • Temperature adjusting surface brings warm or cold sensations to playtime
  • Waterproof for showertime pleasure and compatibility with all anal-safe lubricants
  • Hypoallergenic and body-compatible
  • Easy to clean, wash, and sanitize + will not harbor bacteria
  • Phthalate-free

Dilator sizes:

Small Dilator:

  • Total length: 124.8mm (4.9”)
  • Insertable length: 119.8mm (4.7”)
  • Diameter: 21mm (0.8”)
Medium Dilator:
  • Total length: 139.8mm (5.5”)
  • Insertable length: 134.8mm (5.3”)
  • Diameter: 27.5mm (1.1”)
Large Dilator:
  • Total length: 156mm (6.1”)
  • Insertable length: 151mm (5.9”)
  • Diameter: 33.5mm (1.3”)

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